Our Services

Dry Cleaning

We use a state of the art process that gently cleans your entire wardrobe from finest fashions and business attire to casual wear. Every garment is inspected, pre-spotted and checked before it leaves our plant.

Robinson Cleaners has over 30 years experience in quality garment care and cleaning. Our technicians constantly filtrate our solvent for pure, clean clothes and we use the highest quality detergents for great cleaning every time! Same day service for dry cleaning and laundry, upon your request.


Robinson laundry technicians use the highest quality detergent, providing a gentle cleaning and keeping you looking your very best! We pay attention to every finishing detail, especially collars, sleeves and cuffs. Robinson cleaners will replace missing buttons on shirts at no charge. If it’s starch that you like, we offer Light, Medium, and Heavy. Please request your starch preference when you bring your clothes in or when you sign up for our delivery service (available in limited areas).

Wedding and Special Occasion Dresses

Robinson’s meticulous, professional care saves precious memories and preserves wedding gowns for generations to come. All wedding dresses are handled with special care and concern. After gentle cleaning, we preserve them in a keepsake box that helps the dress fabric stay whiter and clean longer.

Drapes / Household Fabrics

Our expert care protects your investment in drapes, slipcovers, bedspreads, comforters, table linens and other fine household fabrics.

Suede / Leather / Fur

Leather, suede and fur require extreme care and protection to preserve their good looks. They should be carefully stored, avoiding direct sunlight, humidity and dry environments. These items take longer to clean and restore looking fresh and new.


Minor repairs like replacing shirt buttons are FREE and a part of our commitment to our customers who we want to “Look your very best!”. Notify us when you bring in your shirts if buttons are missing. Our skilled seamstress team meticulously inspects repairs and alterations in a timely fashion. We can also adjust hem lengths, pant waist (in or out) and sleeve length, and replace zippers.