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At Robinson Cleaners you'll receive the best, friendly, service and quality dry cleaning and laundry in the Cincinnati area. We understand quality garment care, whether it is dry cleaning, laundry, wedding dress, prom dresses, drapes, bed spreads or other special fabrics. You can be confident that we will take extra care of your spot removals, cleaning, laundry, and smoke, fire and water damage restoration needs.

We operate two state-of-the-art cleaning facility and have been in business over 30 years in the Greater Cincinnati area. Unlike most cleaners, all garments are cleaned on premises and we stand behind every garment we clean.


  • 5648 Cheviot Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45247
  • (513)-385-7180

  • 11 Wyoming Ave. Wyoming, Ohio 45215
  • (513)-821-7122

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